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Easter Holiday in Spain

Semana Santa, the Holy week, in Spain – a must-see at least once-in-a-lifetime!

Easter in Spain is a marvellously spectacular succession of solemn and pompous processions. Local brotherhoods of penitents march the streets carrying floats, depicting the crucifixion, from their local parish to the town or city cathedral. Dressed in elaborate ancient tunics and hiding their heads and faces under cone shaped hoods, the penitents have a truly mysterious Medieval look. Add the all-permeating scent of incense and burning wax from the candles, the constant sounding of trumpets and drums, the swarthy Spanish women strutting in their elaborately embroidered mantillas and you might get the feeling that you have been sent back to the past. Join us for an Easter holiday in Spain and experience this country and its rich culture to the full.

Destinations: Malaga and Seville (in Andalusia) are the most visited cities in Spain during Semana Santa. If you want to avoid the inflated prices and the crowds of tourists travelmatch advices you to head elsewhere. Many other cities and towns around Spain have their own pageants. Visit Almeira where 20 brotherhoods hold an endless succession of processions. Nestled in the foot of a mountain and close by a well-preserved medieval fortress, this small town is a real hit destination among tourists who like its laid-back charm. alt text

Activities: Huge crowds of onlookers, adults and children, locals and tourists, gather to observe the processions. Well preserved throughout the centuries this wonderful tradition endures owing to the younger generations who take an active and eager part in its continuation. You don’t have to be a fervent Catholic to enjoy the event. Bring your kids along for a proper family Easter holiday. You can be assured that they will be enjoying themselves as much as you do.

Food: Instead of chocolate bunnies and eggs, the Spanish give away mouth-watering chocolate cakes moulded in different shapes. The yummiest Easter dish, however, is torrijas, a Spanish variation of French toast – bread slices soaked in milk and eggs, fried in olive oil and sprinkled with honey, syrup, wine and cinnamon. A real guilt-pleasure worth more than one bite!

Travel advice: Festivities in some areas last throughout the entire Holy week and traffic is banned from the main streets of cities and towns that hold pageants. Park your car within easy distance from your accommodation and do your shopping before Holy Thursday.

Weather: Max temperature of 24°C in southern Spain during the second half of April.

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