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The Numbers Behind the Travel Industry: Pigs, Planes & Urine

We have created an infographic that shows some of the huge numbers behind the travel industry

As people book their holidays in 2013 they rarely pause to consider what they are part of. You may be heading off on a simple, and luxurious, holiday to Tenerife, yet you are also taking part in an annual rite in which millions of people log countless hours on beaches, planes and in hotel bathtubs. At travelmatch, we did a bit of digging and discovered that we take a staggering 8.93 billion holiday days annually!

This huge number inspired us to do some further research. So we cracked out our abacuses and did some computing – the results were pretty staggering. Did you ever wonder how much bacon tourists eat each year? Or how much urine gets slyly excreted into hotel pools around the world? Check out the infographic below to see the results. If the numbers seem a bit staggering, just remember: your upcoming holiday in 2013 is part of a massive global tradition that sees millions take off on great breaks to lovely destinations around the globe. Enjoy your trip!

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