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Enjoying a final holiday together before 2 becomes 3


Babymoons are one of the latest trends to grace the travel industry and are becoming increasingly popular with expecting couples. So what is a babymoon? Originally, a babymoon, similar to a honeymoon, was defined as the period of time after a baby's birth that the family spends alone together, enabling the parents and baby to bond. However, in recent years, the meaning has grown to include pre-baby getaways taken by the expecting parents. The purpose of a babymoon is primarily about making sure you have plenty of rest and relaxation before the sleepless nights kick in - ensuring you spend valuable time with your partner and nurture your relationship as a couple before becoming parents, and what better way to do this than go on holiday! alt text


For most pregnant women, the second trimester is the most pleasant time to travel. By this point you should be rid of the tiredness and nausea which is experienced during the initial stages and not yet in the final stages where you may be feeling uncomfortable. One of the safest periods for a pregnant woman to travel is between 18-24 weeks. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t travel during the rest of your pregnancy - you just need to be sure to talk with your doctor before planning any trips. It is also advisable to check with your airline before you fly as some will require you to have a letter from your doctor stating your pregnancy is healthy and you are safe to travel. Most babymoons are around 3-5 nights, but can be for as long or short as you like - if you are able to take a week away then go for it!


There are plenty of options to consider when it comes to planning a babymoon. Whether you plan on taking a beach or city break, the key is to choose a destination which appeals to both of you and will allow you to relax and enjoy your time together. It is advisable to try to minimise the amount of time you will be travelling when searching for the perfect destination for your babymoon. European destinations are an ideal choice since they are only a short flight away from the UK. When searching for hotels, opt for those that offer Spa and Relaxation to make sure you pamper yourselves to the fullest with beauty treatments or massages. The Peter Island Resort in the British Virgin Islands, is currently offering a tailored babymoon package. The Thalassa Boutique Hotel & Spa in Cyprus offers mums-to-be a whole spa menu of treatments including one of the few body wraps safe to be used on pregnant women. As the hotel doesn’t accept children under 12, you’ll most definitely get some pre-baby peace and quiet! It is important to remember that wherever you eventually decide upon, some countries have poor medical facilities, so you need to make sure that if you need urgent medical attention, you’ll be able to have immediate access to it. alt text

Look to celebs for inspiration

Many celebrity couples have caught onto the trend of babymooning – but where have they been taking theirs this year? - Presenter Jenni Falconer thought ‘La Source’ resort in Grenada was perfect for her and her husband when she went on her babymoon earlier this year. - Actress Kate Hudson and her boyfriend Matt Bellamy sunned themselves in Mexico while they waited for their baby to arrive. - Politician Anthony Weiner and wife Huma Abedin went to the beautiful Amalfi Coast in southern Italy for their babymoon. - Singer Beyoncé and husband Jay Z have recently been spotted enjoying their babymoon in Croatia.

Did you and your husband enjoy a babymoon before you became a Mum? Are you expecting a child and wish to go on a babymoon? Why not drop us a line and let us know.

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