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The Team

    Everyone's a bit curious, and it's nice to know who you're dealing with:

  • Al Francis Head Honcho, CEO & Founder

    It was Al's frustration of not being able to find a holiday without knowing where he wanted to go that led to an early idea of the company. After bumping into Jonny in a curry house, and brainstorming over a few too many pints, travelmatch was born. Al spends most of his time looking over performance reports and drinking coffee.

    Favourite destination: Benidorm!

    Superpower: Teleportation. I could travel the world for free!

  • Jonny Marsh Dolphin Trainer, COO & Founder

    When he's not busy in high powered meetings, Jonny can generally be found eating breakfast or playing golf. Although you couldn't tell from his posh phone voice, he's a valley boy at heart and enjoys screaming at the TV when Wales play rugby. A graduate of Bath University, he looks forward every year to not playing in the old boys football game.

    Favourite destination: 5 Star Golf Holidays

    Superpower: 400 yard drive... BOOM!

  • "Christmas" Steve Paterson Online Acquisition Manager

    Steve is a very big football fan. When he isn’t playing, watching, dreaming, eating, living football or down the pub he comes to work. Here he spends a lot of his time explaining to people the difference between pay-per-click and paperclips!

    Favourite destination: Aruba Holidays

    Superpower: Metamorphosis.

  • Jesse McLaughlin Head of Development

    Jesse sees the matrix—at least he thinks it's the matrix; it could just be the coffee. Either way, Jesse specialises in making sense of software requirements that M C Escher would be proud of.

    Favourite destination: Greek Islands

    Superpower: Division by Zero

  • Duncan Irvine Principal Developer

    Having been afflicted from an early age with a crippling lack of imagination, when asked to pen an intro for himself, Duncan fled and has yet to be heard from. Apparently he does something to do with bridges and has been seen hanging out with Billy in the pub.

    Favourite destination: Scuba Diving in Sharm

    Superpower: The power of Voodoo

  • David Bunbury Principal Developer

    Sitting on an axis perpendicular to breakfast and sanity there lies a niche interest area populated by David: Computational linguistics. That aside he enjoys music, trampolining and morris dancing.

    Favourite destination: The Caribbean

    Superpower: The power to whiten teeth...

  • Billy the Robot Alarm Clock / Data Processing

    Abandoned by his parents while on holiday from Blarg7, Billy was adopted by the travelmatch team and rapidly proved his worth by helping the guys to win their first pub quiz with his vast memory banks of general knowledge.

    His ability to process huge amounts of data in a fraction of a second also helped travelmatch build their awesome new travel search platform.

    Favourite destination: Turkey

    Superpower: Back to the future of 1984, he's a dance robot!